paola antieri owner and designer country shabby details

I'm Paola, mind and hands behind Country & Shabby details.

I'm a wife to my wonderful husband and blessed to be a mom to my two beautiful children Emma and Luca.
I began this journey back in 2004 by designing some items for my own home. I then started to create something for my family and friends and realized that this was my path, this was what I wanted to do every day.
We moved from Italy to Australia in 2014 and it is here that creating has become my job and, after a few setbacks and stumbles, 'Country & Shabby details' was finally born in 2016.

My passion is to create items that I hope you will love! 
It is my goal to make something unique in design, that would add elegance to your beautiful home.
Colorful, creative, and inspired by what I see every day, each and every one of my products is an expression of the things I love. 

I hope they’ll inspire you too!